How do I pair a new camera to the monitor?

(1-1) Press and hold the Power Button under the camera for 6 seconds, or until the LED flashes Blue continuously. The camera will be turned on and enter Pairing Mode for one minute.

(1-2) Or press and hold the Power Button for 5 seconds to enter Pairing Mode if the camera is already on.

(2) On the Dash Monitor, tap the "SETTINGS' icon and then tap "PAIR CAMERA" to enter the pairing screen. Tap Front / Rear Camera , Click to pair.

(3) The camera should be paired within 30 seconds. If the pairing is successful, the display will show “Pair OK”.

(4) If no camera is found, then the display will show “Pair Fail”. In this case, cut off power and reboot the Dash Monitor. If you keep receiving the “Pair Fail” message after several attempts, please call our technical support to assist in troubleshooting.

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